a cloud platform revolutionizing the exploration, visualization & sharing of materials

why should you care?

real materials

reducing the dependency on physical samples - nothing beats touch & feel. we are not suggesting that you give this up. but you are not just looking at something that looks pretty. you are looking at real materials with all of their physics, metadata, costing & whatever else you or your supplier add to it & since it is all digital, it reduces the dependency on physical samples dramatically.

brands & suppliers

finally a platform that is made with the creative folks in mind to bring both brands and suppliers together in a shared cloud environment & within the brand, swatchbook is an easy way to communicate between the design team, material person, & librarian. understand what the material person wants, what the material will look like on a piece of garment, all in a matter of minutes. & then share it all with the decision makers, with the click of a button, on any device.

time & money

instead of examining thousands of physical samples you can quickly narrow down your material selection online through sophisticated filtering methods and visual inspection online and in the design tool. the times of a supplier having to ship thousands of materials are over. only work with the physical samples that you have selected online.

how is swatchbook unique?


we recognize that searching for materials isn’t always about finding an exact number but more about the journey of exploration, trying to find what’s best suited for your needs. we think of swatchbook as the place that allows you to dig in, come back out, go left, right, up, down, until you’ve found the right material.


seeing a thumbnail in a spreadsheet shouldn’t be how you visualize materials. for swatchbook, we’ve built this platform to make the user experience focused on the visualization of materials. touch & feel won’t go away on physical products, but your visual senses should certainly be engaged.


what better way to collaborate with your team than to share your collections with them. these can be organizational collections like seasonal material palettes or private material development collections for those times you’re collaborating with your favorite supplier. we think it’s all about sharing, all those feels, but mostly all the materials.,

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